A message from the Executive Director:

Much of the nation is struggling to process the recent murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and last week, George Floyd, two of whom were killed by law enforcement officers. If we expand the lens, however, they were all victims of a complex and racist system of oppression that reinforces subjugation of Black and Brown individuals and communities in every aspect of life. This system is not new, but has existed for hundreds of years, and these recurring and unnerving incidents serve as a fleeting glimpse for White Americans of the consequences of such a system, if we choose to pay attention. For Black and Brown Americans, however, these incidents are a constant retraumatization, a reminder of a system that is not set up for them but rather against them.

We at the Carolina Sexual Wellness Center are aware that any system that reinforces injustice and harms Black and Brown communities and individuals is in opposition to both our values and mission as an organization, and we have been struggling to determine what we can and should do to realign the system with our values. We hear and are part of the collective grief of the nation, and it has become clear that silence is not an option. We are a social justice organization at heart. As the Executive Director, it is my belief that in order to be an effective sex and gender therapist one has to be part of the revolution, willing to challenge the problematic and inaccurate ideas about sex, sexuality and gender that are steeped into our culture. We have been vocal about our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community by providing affirming therapy and inclusive community education events, we have been sensitive to class issues by providing a financial hardship program for un/under-insured folks to have access to care, and we work to ensure that our therapists are providing culturally competent care to their clients by providing supervision through a multicultural lens.

But as we work to increase social justice in our corner of the world and beyond, it is clear that we as an organization have more work to do. We are making a public commitment to continue to strive for increased representation of Black and Brown folks in our organization at all levels. We will work to recruit and train more Black and Brown therapists to be sex positive sex therapists who want to lead the revolution. We will provide community education events and opportunities that acknowledge and meet the specific sex education needs of Black and Brown communities. We will partner with other social justice organizations to have a broader reach in dismantling systems of oppression. We will commit to having all of our therapists go through formal training on multicultural competence with emphasis on the negative impact of systemic racism on mental health issues of our clients. These are our commitments to the community.

Krista Nabar, PsyD, LP
Executive Director
Carolina Sexual Wellness Center

Therapists Wanted!

Are you a licensed or provisionally licensed clinician interested in training and experience in sex therapy? Have you always wanted to work for a progressive, sex positive organization? If so, CSWC would love to talk with you about opportunities within our organization! Please send us an email with some information about yourself and your interest in the sex therapy field along with your resume to: [email protected] We can’t wait to hear from you!


We offer compassionate, affirming and informed sex therapy services for a wide range of sex- and gender-related concerns in addition to co-occurring mental health issues.

We work with adolescents and adults from all backgrounds and strive to make our services available to the whole community.

Specific therapeutic modalities we offer include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Relationship/Couples Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Carolina Sexual Wellness Center is able to offer options for clients who are uninsured or underinsured.


We recognize the lack of honest and accessible sex education that makes establishing healthy sexuality and sexual relationships across the lifespan a challenge. We work to remedy this by offering relevant, sex positive educational opportunities to the community.

Programs and Workshops include:

  • Quarterly Community Education Events
  • Support Groups and Community Outreach
  • Parental Sex Education
  • Coming soon: Comprehensive and Age-Appropriate Sex Education for Youth


We want to ensure that every therapist in the community is knowledgeable and comfortable enough to discuss issues related to sex and sexuality with their clients from a non-judgmental and factually accurate perspective.

We therefore offer supervision and training opportunities (including internships and practica) for individuals wanting to specialize or simply gain more of an understanding of how to accommodate their client’s sexual issues in therapy.

Please contact us for more information.

Carolina Sexual Wellness Center is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization with the mission of providing high quality and affordable sex therapy, education, and professional training to the broader community. We are an open and affirming organization that values and respects all people without exception. We recognize the harmful consequences of discrimination in the lives of those who experience oppression, and seek to remedy these effects with those who we serve.
Krista K. Nabar, Executive Director, PsyD, LP, HSPP

Carolina Sexual Wellness Center, PA, Psychotherapist, Cary, NC